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New Single Origin Coffee: Ethiopian Sidama Telamo

par Daria Toptygina sur Jan 04, 2024

New Single Origin Coffee: Ethiopian Sidama Telamo

Brought to Equator Coffee Roasters from the Telamo Cooperative, situated in the Shebedino district in the Sidama region of Ethopia, is our new single origin coffee to ring in the new year: Ethiopian Sidama Telamo. It will be available for purchase in-stores and online from January 4th until the end of the month.

History Of The Telamo Cooperative

The Telamo Cooperative spans 6 villages in its district. It operates four washing stations and one drying station for natural coffees, like our new single origin, that employs more than 500 seasonal workers for its dry harvest. Consisting of over 4000 devoted members, 29 of whom are staff members dedicated to delivering exceptional coffee, this organization is the second largest cooperative in the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, or SCFCU. (1)

The SCFCU is an impressively reputable establishment with a plethora of accreditations, including Organic certification, FLO certification, UTZ certification, and Rainforest Alliance Certification. They are also affiliated with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), the Eastern African Fine Coffee Association (EAFCA), and the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce (AACC). (2)

Additionally, the Union has an open-book approach, which was the most enticing reason for The Telamo Cooperative to join them. Thanks to their technical support, financial aid, and a transparent organization, Telamo gained access to international markets and even upgraded their technical and farming processes.

The Telamo Cooperative has been partners with Cooperative Coffees since 2014 and provides high-quality natural coffee consistently to them to this day.

Tasting Notes And Flavors

Considering this coffee is harvested exclusively between September and December, don’t miss your chance of trying our new single origin this year that comes from the birthplace of Coffee arabica plants!

The Ethiopian Sidama Telamo is an organic, light roast, natural process coffee (our roast level 2). Grown at an altitude of 1860-2130 m, it features an impressive cupping score of 85.5. With every smooth sip of this mildly acidic yet lively medium-bodied brew you’ll taste the intermingling fruity flavors of black currant and blackberry in a rich floral cup. The more perceptive among you might even pick out other notes, including sweet berries, cream, and vanilla in a tropical flavor profile with a hint of dark chocolate.

As with all of our light roasts, we recommend getting the most of your beans’ inherent tasting notes with a clear cup crafted by a specialty pour over brewer, such as a Chemex or a coffee dripper like the Hario V60. 

This coffee’s delicious flavors and equally pleasing aromatic notes are sure to be a sensory delight to help you greet every morning with a caffeinated morale boost you’ll be keeping up for the rest of your day!


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~Daria Toptygina


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