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    Vous y trouverez des nouvelles d'Equator, des récits d'agriculteurs avec qui nous apprécions travailler, des astuces et conseils de nos baristas, et tout ce que vous devez connaître sur le monde du commerce équitable et du café biologique. Ce blogue est destiné aux amoureux du café.

  • blogue café

    Découvrez le café Equator,
    de la récolte à la tasse.

  • Equipment Review - Brewers

    Drip coffee is one of the most common types of brew methods in the world today. From at home use to restaurants and cafes this is a universal techn...
  • The Pros and Cons of a Coffee Subscription

    Did you know that Equator offers coffee subscriptions? When you subscribe, you’ll receive your favourite coffee delivered directly to your door on ...
  • Become a Coffee Connoisseur: Coffee Vocabulary

    A coffee bean travels a long journey from the tree it grows on to your mug. Along the way, it passes through many hands to be harvested, processed,...
  • The Latest From The Single Origin Series: Nicaragua PROCOCER

    Our newest single origin release comes out of the Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua. Farmed by our Coop producer "Prococer" this dark roast coffee ...
  • Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day 2022

    Amber Hall is the co-founder of Equator Coffee. She recently had the opportunity to visit two Indigenous communities – a Ngäbe-Buglé settlement in ...
  • Seasonal Coffee Artist Series: Summer with Cheri Robitaille

    If you have been following our Seasonal Coffee Artist Series from the beginning, you may remember that our first coffee of the series, the Winter S...
  • Série d'artistes et cafés saisonniers

    La Série des artistes et cafés saisonniers invite les talents locaux à
    figurer sur les sacs de café Equator.

  • The Latest From The Single Origin Series: Bolivia MEJILLONES

    The Mejillones cooperative was founded May 8, 1988 when the original 20 farmer members came together to promote organic practices and quality coffe...
  • From the Single Origin Series: Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative

    Our latest Single Origin, Laos Peaberry, is from the Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative in Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos. The Bolaven ...
  • The Carbon, Climate, and Coffee Initiative

    We believe in coffee as a climate solution. As a member of Cooperative Coffees, we are proud to announce the launch of the Carbon, Climate, and Cof...
  • Maple and Coffee, a Sweet Collaboration

    It’s Maple April here at Equator and leading up to the month of all things maple we have had the privilege of collaborating with another local busi...
  • Celebrate Maple Season With Our Maple Latte Recipe

    April is Maple Season in the Ottawa Valley and we are celebrating with all things maple. All month long, enjoy our special maple menu in our cafés ...
  • Fair Trade or Direct Trade: How Coffee Roasters Procure Coffee Beans

    There is a growing movement for understanding where your food comes from. From the meat on your dinner table to the almond milk in your fridge, und...


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