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New Micro Lot Coffee Release: Indonesia Natural

par Daria Toptygina sur May 09, 2024

New Micro Lot Coffee Release: Indonesia Natural

Brought to Equator Coffee Roasters from Mount Kerinici, an active stratovolcano and the highest mountain in Western Sumatra, Indonesia, is our new micro lot coffee: Indonesia Natural. You can purchase it in-stores and online starting May 9th and it will be available while supplies last.

History Of The Trijaya Agro Lestari

Founded in 2018, PT. Trijaya Agro Lestari is an exporter, producer, and purchaser of high-quality commercial and specialty-grade Sumatra Arabica coffee (1). They have fostered numerous strong ties with small holders all across Sumatra to obtain green coffee beans like Lintong, Mandheling, Sidikalang, Sumatra Arabica Gayo, and Tanah Karo from Aceh, North Sumatra, and Western Sumatra. Their priorities entail improving the quality of life for their farmers, as they are central to the coffee supply chain, and ensuring that their customers get the most value for their money when it comes to all their coffee needs.

PT. Trijaya Agro Lestari’s exports extend to several countries in the US and Asia. They have also worked with the Solok Radjo cooperative to create the Coffee for People and Earth project in 2019, which was sponsored by Peets Coffee USA and resulted in planting numerous trees to support sustainability efforts.

History Of The Solok Radjo Cooperative

The Solok Radjo cooperative was created in 2014 by a group of Arabica coffee farmers in Solok to pivot to agroforestry farming as well as to support reforestation and safeguard forests in the Solok and Kerinci regions. This cooperative now has over 890 farmers who are passionate about the preservation of their forests and coffee plants. They continue to educate farmers about their values and ways of harvesting.

Tasting Notes And Flavors

Our natural process Indonesia micro lot is a specialty-grade organic coffee of the Sigararutang variety. One of three Arabica coffee varieties grown in Indonesia, with the others being Ateng and Buhun, Sigararutang is characterized by the presence of quinic acid (2). Studies have shown that this compound has a variety of beneficial effects, including as an analgesic, plus anti-aging, anti-cancer activity, anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, anti-nociceptive, anti-viral, and protective properties (3). 

In other words, good coffee like this doesn’t just taste great – it helps you feel great, too!

Grown at an altitude of 1300 to 1500 m and being a lighter roast (our roast level 4) with a stellar cupping score of 86.5, each cup is sure to delight all coffee-craving, sweet-tooth, fruit-loving fans due to its uniquely decadent flavor profile of black cherry, black forest cake, plums, and strawberry tasting notes. Brewing these beans in a pour over will go a long way in brightening your day and ensuring a clean cup.


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