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Equator Coffee Roasters is an Ontario-based, mission-driven coffee roasting company from the friendly town of Almonte, Ontario. We exist to connect the coffee drinker to the coffee farmer, from one family to another.  We believe the world is a better place with better coffee that is sourced ethically and cared for organically.  At Equator, coffee is more than just a beautiful beverage; it is a way of changing the world for the better.


  • Project base 
  • Remote work
  • Create artwork for custom coffee bags for clients, posters, and merch need for Equator.
  • 1 week turnaround time required for projects

The Job Overview

We are seeking a dedicated graphic designer to partner our growing company.  As a graphic designer, we hope you can put your passion for design to create beautiful images and compelling content. 


  • Create and design various materials for digital and print
  • Select colors, fonts, images, and layouts
  • Ensure projects are completed in a timely manner with a quality product
  • Work with a wide range of media and graphic design software
  • Determine voice and messaging for graphic design pieces
  • Implement feedback and changes whenever possible
  • Create visualizations that convey accurate messaging for the project. 

Job Qualifications and Skill Sets

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a creative field
  • Proficiency in programs such as Adobe Suite, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Attention to detail
  • Portfolio of work with a wide range of creative projects
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of layouts, graphic fundamentals, typography, print, and web
  • Experience with both print and digital media

Please send your portfolios to:

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