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Small and so durable that you can throw it in your suitcase or backpack, but so delicious you will be using home and away! Out of the box you get everything you need to brew an excellent cup of coffee. With Aeropress you have the ability to brew a clean filter style coffee, full immersion French press style or even espresso like coffee! Suitable for those new to coffee right up to the seasoned coffee professional!

Step 1: Boil water

Any kettle will do, but we love a goose-neck kettle like the Bonavita one pictured here.

Step 2: Measure and grind your beans

You'll want to finely grind nice, fresh coffee beans. For 2 cups of brewed coffee, measure out 17g of coffee and 10 oz of hot water. Click here for full chart and ratios.

Step 3: Place filter in the filter cap and attach to Aeropress

We recommend rinsing the filter in the filter cap with hot water to remove any papery flavour.

Step 4: Brew the coffee

Separate the plunger from the Aeropress tube. Place Aeropress on top of mug and put ground coffee in it. Fill your Aeropress up to number 4 and give it about 5 good stirs.

Step 5: Plunge and enjoy!

Slowly but firmly push the plunger all the way down to filter the coffee directly into your cup.

Brewing Guide

The chart below is a quick how-to for any brewing equipment you may have at home. Ever wondered how to use Chemex (we can’t help you with your Instagram, but we can definitely help you get the most out of your beans!)?

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