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Canadian Wildlife Federation + Equator Coffee Roasters

par Equator Coffee Roasters sur Oct 03, 2022

A bag of Monarch blend coffee with a small waterfall in the background.

Equator is proud to announce that we are an official sponsor of the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF). In collaboration with the CWF, we have roasted the Monarch Blend. For every bag of this delicious medium blend coffee sold, Equator will donate a portion of =proceeds to the CWF’s conservation efforts.  

The Canadian Wildlife Federation’s mission is to conserve and inspire the conservation of Canada’s wildlife and habitats for the use and enjoyment of all.

The Canadian Wildlife Federation conducts its activities through a cooperative approach – working with people, corporations, non-government organizations, and governments to inspire collaboration in achieving wildlife conservation. CWF uses the best available science-based information to develop its policies, programs and communications, and prides itself in being accountable and transparent in fulfilling its mission.

Equator and the CWF, a perfect match

“There is a lot of synergy between CWF and Equator coffee, in our shared commitment to conservation, and implementing nature-based solutions that can help address biodiversity loss and climate change. CWF and Equator share a conservation motivation, which made them an excellent choice when looking for a partner.” - Pauline Bondy, Development Officerat CWF

Coffee as a climate solution

Nature-based solutions to climate change are a hot topic when trying to keep organic coffee farms cool. While industrial agriculture is a primary contributor to climate change, small-scale, organic coffee farms can be a part of the solution. 

“Regenerative organic coffee farmers are proving that re-establishing shade cover and best field practices increase productivity. This also leads to healthier soils, healthier plants, increased biodiversity, increased carbon capture, and a healthier planet! Since 2017, Cooperative Coffees roasters like Equator pay an additional fee to support producer-led, regenerative practices and an agroforestry approach to growing coffee.” 

Our new Monarch Blend coffee is the perfect way to marry Equator's efforts to support organic coffee farmers and agroforestry, with the CWF’s wildlife and habitat conservation initiatives.. A portion of every sale of bags of Monarch blend will be donated to CWF to support this important work.

Monarch Initiative

Did you know that the Monarch butterfly is now listed as an endangered species by The Committee for the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC)? Across North America, pollinators like butterflies, bees and moths are quickly declining, due to a combination of threats including habitat loss, use of herbicides and pesticides, and climate change.

Pollinators play a significant role in our food system (1 out of 3 bites of food we eat) and ensure reproduction of 90% of the world’s flowering plants - like coffee! The Monarch butterfly is an ‘umbrella species’ whose habitat needs are compatible with thousands of pollinator species, as well as many other species at risk - so when Monarch is in trouble, we are all in trouble. 

Sadly, Monarch’s eastern migratory population has declined by more than eighty percent over the past twenty years. 

CWF’s Monarch initiative is helping to recover the endangered Monarch and its breeding habitat, while also supporting countless other pollinators and species at risk.  

Some of the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s initiatives include:

  • Creating and restoring breeding and feeding habitats along public roadsides, rights-of-way (like hydro-lines, pipelines, solar farms), and on marginal farmland. These underutilized spaces offer a unique opportunity to support pollinators and improve the conservation of threatened species
  • Working closely with land managers to raise awareness, provide educational workshops, and exchange knowledge
  • Promoting natural methods of vegetation management to reduce carbon emissions from traditional mowing, brushing, and herbicide spraying. 

By 2025, in collaboration with partners, CWF aims to restore native meadow habitat on 1,000 km of rights-of-way and on 200 acres of private land to improve Monarch habitat quality, availability, and connectivity. 

CWF also undertakes ongoing mapping, monitoring and identification of the specific causes of habitat loss, and identifying key roosting sites along Monarch migratory pathways to inform its conservation initiatives. 

In addition to mitigating biodiversity and habitat loss, these CWF initiatives offer nature-based solutions to climate change by contributing to a net increase in carbon sequestration.

We are so proud and excited to be embarking on this initiative with the CWF. If you feel moved by this important work, please purchase a bag of coffee, share with your friends, and let’s restore the monarch population in Canada!

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