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Look here for Equator news, stories from the farmers we love working with, tips and tricks from our baristas, and everything you need to know about the world of fair trade, organic coffee. This is a coffee lovers blog.

New Product Release: Lastra Straws

New Product Release: Lastra Straws

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An Aeropress Go with a bag of coffee and a person using a manual grinder in the background.

Father's Day Gift Guide: 7 Must Haves for the Coffee-Loving Dad 

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A grinder and coffee maker on a kitchen counter.

Equipment Review - Brewers

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Maple syrup latte with flower latte art on it.

Celebrate Maple Season With Our Maple Latte Recipe

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A pour over using a Chemex on a scale.

Equipment Review with Chris - Scales

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A person pouring hot water from a kettle into an Aeropress.

Equipment Review with Chris - Aeropress

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A line of Fellow products. A canister, Ode grinder and an electric kettle.

Equipment Review with Chris - Grinders

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An espresso machine with a mug on it.

Equipment Review with Chris - Espresso Machines

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Jonny describing information about the coffee flavour wheel to a tour group.

Light vs Dark Roast Coffee - Which One is For You?

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A glass with cold brew coffee and ice in it.

Cold Brew At Home

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A bottle of African honey beside a latte.

Sustainably Delicious - Celebrating B Corp Month with a Honey Latte

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Coffee grinders and the back of an espresso machine in one of our cafes.

Oily Coffee Beans - What’s the Deal?

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Seasonal Coffee Artist Series

The Seasonal Coffee Artist Series invites local talent to
featured on bags of Equator Coffee.


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