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Celebrate Maple Season With Our Maple Latte Recipe

by Equator Coffee Roasters on Apr 04, 2022

Maple syrup latte with flower latte art on it.

April is Maple Season in the Ottawa Valley and we are celebrating with all things maple. All month long, enjoy our special maple menu in our cafés featuring our friends at Fulton's Maple Syrup! Try items like Maple Latte, Maple Matcha, Iced Oat Maple Latte, Maple Tart, Maple Bacon Breakfast Sammy, and more! 

Want to try your hand at making a maple latte at home? Here's our not-so-secret recipe for a delicious Maple Latte. 

Maple Latte Recipe


  1. 2 tablespoons of Fulton’s Maple Syrup 

  2. 19g of freshly ground North Star Espresso

  3. 10oz of the milk of your choosing 


  1. Pour two tablespoons of Fulton’s Maple syrup into the bottom of your mug of choice. 

  2. Pull a double shot of espresso over the maple in the cup. (We use 19g of freshly ground North Star Espresso which should yield 32g of liquid, pulling from 27-30 seconds long). 

  3. Allow the hot espresso to melt down the maple. Stir to combine. 

  4. While the espresso shot is being pulled, gently steam your milk of choice in a stainless steel pitcher. 

  5. Pour the milk over the espresso-maple mixture, create a design if you can, and enjoy the sweet bliss of this maple-coffee combination.

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