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Summer Drinks Menu: 4 New Summer Featured Drinks

by Daria Toptygina on Jun 13, 2024

Summer Drinks Menu: 4 New Summer Featured Drinks

Our Summer Drink Menu is now available from June 18th 2024!

Whether you’re a fan of coffee, tea, or lemonade, read on to find your new favourite summer drink with our innovative menu designed just for you to cool down on a hot summer’s day! 

Espresso Tonic Or Matcha Tonic

This refreshing non-alcoholic spin on a gin and tonic elevates your espresso experience by combining bubbly tonic water, sweet espresso, and a slice of bright citrus.  

Not a coffee fan? We offer a matcha version as well with the same eye-popping tonic fizz and delicious matcha flavour you know and love. 

Peach Blossom Lemonade

Is it even summer without lemonade? Enjoy our twist on a summer classic – a sweet organic lemonade paired with white iced tea from Rishi Tea. This blend is infused with juicy peach, tangy tangerine, and aromatic blossoms.

Cherry Cola Chai 

Why choose between chai and Coke when you can have both? Packed full of fruity spice, this drink is a sweet combination of chai concentrate, almond syrup, cherry bitters, milk, and our signature North Star Espresso. 

Summer Sunset 

We’ve elevated iced tea with not one, not two, but three layers! Enjoy the cascading colours of Rishi's Hibiscus Tea and butterfly pea flower tea combined together with sweet honey and bright lemon. This drink looks and feels like the beauty of a summer sunset!

We’d love to hear from you! Try these drinks and let us know which one you’ll be sipping on all summer long! 


Cappuccino Ice Cream Sando (V/GF)

For this one, we've partnered with Mooshu, to make cappuccino coffee flavoured ice cream, in nostalgic ice cream sandwich form, but elevated.  This item is gluten-free and vegan, for everyone to enjoy. Trust us, it's so good, you can't tell there's no dairy or gluten! This is available only at Westboro and Almonte location for now. 

Matcha Dip (V)

We couldn't leave out Mooshu most popular item. A vegan matcha ice cream dipped in rich chocolate.This is available only at Westboro and Almonte location for now. 


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