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Look here for Equator news, stories from the farmers we love working with, tips and tricks from our baristas, and everything you need to know about the world of fair trade, organic coffee. This is a coffee lovers blog.

More Than Just a Cup of Joe - Our Journey to B Corp Certification

More Than Just a Cup of Joe - Our Journey to B Corp Certification

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What Makes Equator Different?

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Prococer coop logo over coffee cherries

New Single Orgin Release: Nicaragua Nueva Segovia

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Three bags of coffee beside each other.

The Pros of a Coffee Subscription

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A person holding green coffee beans over a large container of green coffee beans.

What is a honey process coffee?

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A gif file with confetti falling in front of a watercolour picture of our roastery and cafe.

Celebrating Equator’s 25th Anniversary

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A tray with blueberries, sugar and a bag of Ethiopia Howolso coffee, with orchids in the background.

Single Origin Coffee: Ethiopia Howolso from the Sidama Region

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A person pouring our cold brew concentrate into a glass.

4 Things You Should Know About Cold Brew

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An Aeropress Go with a bag of coffee and a person using a manual grinder in the background.

Father's Day Gift Guide: 7 Must Haves for the Coffee-Loving Dad 

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A group of men, women and children from the SPOCADI cooperative community. The women at the front have big smiles.

Discover the Flavors of Single-Origin Coffee; Congo

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A grinder and coffee maker on a kitchen counter.

Equipment Review - Brewers

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The green bean loader with green beans in it to be sent to our roaster.

Become a Coffee Connoisseur: Coffee Vocabulary

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Seasonal Coffee Artist Series

The Seasonal Coffee Artist Series invites local talent to
featured on bags of Equator Coffee.


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