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Look here for Equator news, stories from the farmers we love working with, tips and tricks from our baristas, and everything you need to know about the world of fair trade, organic coffee. This is a coffee lovers blog.

Green coffee beans drying in Peru, with trees on a mountain in the background.

From the Single Origin Series: Peru CENFROCAFE

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An oil painting of purple evergreen trees with a frosted look around them by Cheri Robitaille.

Seasonal Coffee Artist Series: Winter with Cheri Robitaille

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A burlap bag filled with green coffee beans from Coop Coffees.

Equator Coffee, a Family Affair

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Green coffee beans on a large slab of concrete that are drying, with a farmer in the background.

From the Single Origin Series: Guatemala Rio Azul

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A Rwandan coffee farmer amongst her coffee plants.

From the Single Origin Series: Rwanda KODUKAK

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A coffee farmer from Colombia COSURCA cooperative leaning against a post with tarps nearby.

From the Single Origin Series: Colombia COSURCA

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