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Sweet Justice
340g bag of our Sweet Justice blend.
2.27kg bag of Equator Coffee Roaster's Sweet Justice coffee beans.
2lb or 908g bag of Sweet Justice.
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Sweet Justice

Never run out of coffee and get 15% Off


A flavourful and bright coffee with enough soul and body to justify another cup.

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Fair and Organic

100% for Transparent Trade and

  • Farmer Focused

  • Cooperative Trade

  • Better Business

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
christopher clark
Delicious for espresso

Love this. Great in latte or straight espresso.

Parker Selman
Hold me close, sweet justice

Sometimes it feels like justice will never come. The world spins faster and faster still, and more and more we feel the wind at our backs as it pushes on, leaving us in the dust. What can we hold on to? What will ground us and hold us tight as we ride this ride?

These days, I'm holding on to the handle of a mug with white knuckles. Every morning, I become all that is good in this world as I measure out my 55 grams and 900 mls. I grind, it blooms, and it's as if the sun comes up just to see what's cooking. Golden coffee drips through like sand through an hourglass. Remember, you are here, you are now, you can do it.

Breath in the air, kiss the ones you love, pet the dog, take a sip. That's sweet justice baby.

Un très bon café.

En espresso, le Sweet Justice offre un nez caramélisé. La flaveur de sirop d’érable ressort parfois dans les premières gorgées, lorsque le café est fraîchement torréfié. À mouture suffisamment fine, l’acidité brillante cède à une flaveur de chocolat, puis surgit une amertume allant de faible à modérée qui demeure toutefois en bouche (dommage). Tout dépendamment de la compression et de la mouture, le corps est mince, les gras légèrement présents. Il est aussi très bon en long black (1:2), lorsqu'il commence à tiédir. Somme toute, c’est un café relativement doux, sans prétention, aux arômes simples, au goût agréable. J'ai dégusté des dizaines de cafés de torréfacteurs différents, et le Sweet Justice est l'un de ceux que je rachète régulièrement (et, honnêtement, le seul dont je trouve l'amertume supportable chez Equator).

Carlene Variyan
Freshly roasted and excellent

Appreciated that the roast date on our 5lb bag was from only a few days before it was delivered.

A Good Representaive of the "Sweet Justice" Society

Sweet Justice is like a "gravity blanket" in that it gives you a warm comfort in the morning! I appreciate that "Equator" delivers a consistent quality and flavour. The coffee itself is aptly named because it does have a touch of fruitiness with no bitterness and yet maintains a rich flavour.


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